100% Polyester Woven Bunny Snowflake Christmas Bow Tie

Polyester Christmas Bow Tie is a kind of festival polyester bow tie, and is similar to logo bow ties. It makes the Christmas elements on the fabric by woven or printing, and then make into bow ties. Christmas designs include Christmas trees, Santa, reindeer and so on.Vivacious design around the theme of floding Christmas,the polyester material is cheap than silk.


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Product Detail

Polyester silk is the material of polyester silk Christmas bow tie. Polyester fabric is woven from yarn. Polyester fabric is light and warm, while also having moderate ventilation performance. Polyester silk does not feel stuffy. The cost of polyester yarn is low. The feel of polyester silk is not as fine as that of real silk fabrics, but the gloss is excellent. Woven by different yarns, the pattern is more layered and three-dimensional, and looks more vivid.

Christmas is a religious holiday. In the nineteenth century, the popularity of Christmas cards and the appearance of Santa Claus made Christmas popular. After Christmas celebrations became popular in Northern Europe, Christmas decorations combined with winter in the northern hemisphere also appeared. From the beginning of the 19th century to the middle of the century, Christmas began to be celebrated throughout Europe and America. Corresponding Christmas culture also began to derive. Christmas bow tie has also become a must-have decoration for the holiday.

The Christmas bow tie uses Christmas elements. Related Christmas items have become elements of our design, incorporating the characteristics of Christmas into the bow tie. Red and green are the main colors of the Christmas pattern, which is very festive. Our common Christmas patterns are snowflakes, elk, Christmas gifts, and the main character Santa Claus. These cute patterns give Christmas a festive atmosphere. If you want to prepare Christmas gifts, a Christmas bow tie is also an option.

Product Parameter


Polyester Christmas Bow Tie




 11*5~12*6cm or Custom Size






 Customer's brand label and care label (need authorization).


 200pcs/color in same size.


 1pc/pp bag




 Shanghai or Ningbo

Sample time

 1 week.


 Pick from our catalogues or customization.

Place of Origin

 Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

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