A Collection Of Popular Knowledge About Neckties

In the workplace, there are the elite who have been working for a long time, and there are also the novices who have just graduated. How many people know the little knowledge of suits, and how many people know the little knowledge of ties.

When it comes to this topic, I want to talk about “red tie”. Red tie represents rights, but there are still many scenes suitable for red. Except for a few formal scenes, it can be matched. Red also represents passion. Lighter red is also a more fashionable match. It can be matched on ordinary occasions.

Blue tie is a common color in many shopping malls and political fields. Blue represents maturity and steadiness. Wearing blue tie gives people a sense of steadiness. At some political meetings, leaders of many countries wear black suits and blue ties, which is also a symbol of international power. So it’s a good choice to wear a blue tie at work.

Black tie is a basic one for each person. Black tie is a versatile color, and black represents solemnity and preciseness. In formal occasions, wearing black tie is a good choice.

White tie is a rare color, in formal occasions, white is relatively rare. In formal occasions, it is not recommended to wear a white tie, which represents purity and is suitable for boys and girls.

Gold tie is a symbol of vitality in many countries. It has affinity and gives people a positive feeling. In China, gold has always felt elegant. It is not recommended to wear it on too formal occasions.

There are some small details on the tie, vertical means smooth, fair: twill means brave, decisive; lattice means rules, these small details will add a little surprise to your tie, in the case of careful choice of color, you can also choose some small patterns and small details, which will have a multiplier effect.

Post time: Feb-19-2021